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GlucoMen LX PLUS is a blood glucose and blood ketone meter which requires NO CODING 

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If you have do not have a reference number and would like a GlucoMen LX PLUS blood glucose meter then please contact Customer Support

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Prescription details for GlucoMen glucose meters can be found here

Features and Benefits

Glucose Meter - Glucose test requiring only a 0.3 ul sample of blood

Ketone Test - A vital early warning system for insulin users to avoid diabetic ketoacidosis

No Coding - Quick and easy, safe and accurate

 Pain Free - Unique finger pricker with comfort zone technology (C.Z.T)

 Lifetime Warranty - For peace of mind

 0.3ul Sample - Tiny sample for easy and comfortable testing

 4 Seconds - Fast results for frequent testers

 Coloured Covers - Accessorise to suit your style

 Ketone Alert - A helpful reminder of when to test for ketones (diabetic ketoacidosis)

 Meal Markers - To help control your diabetes

 Download - To help spot trends and patterns

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Something for the children


         GlucoPenguin                                                                     Igloo Wallet


How to get a penguin

Ask your diabetes nurse today for a GlucoPenguin or contact our customer service team to order one

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